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Taylor's first major public romance was with Joe Jonas which began in July 2008 and lasted a mere three months when he is thought to have broken up with her for actress Camilla Belle.

This was the case recently.'Taylor is later thought to have written a song about Camilla, called Better Than Revenge.

And on the cool check in Center stage on the mic And we're puttin' it on wax It's the new style Four and three and two and one (What up! Ah yeah, that's me I got franks and pork and beans Always bust the new routines I get it - I got it, I know it's good The rhymes I write - you wish you would I'm never in training - my voice is not straining People always biting and I'm sick of complaining So I went into the locker room during classes Bust into your locker and I smashed your glasses You're from Secaucus - I'm from Manhattan Kick it!!! In this context, seeing a girl down on 8th Avenue and 42nd Street suggests ill repute. Just met her tonight." And Adrock started hiding everything in sight D.

Father to many - married to none And in case you're unaware I carry a gun Stepped into the party - the place was over packed Saw the kid that dissed my homey and shot him in the back I had to get a beeper 'cause my phone is tapped You better keep your mouth shut 'cause I'm fully strapped I got money in the bank - I can still get high That's why your girlfriend thinks that I'm so fly I've got money and juice - twin sisters in my bed Their father had envy so I shot him in the head If I played guitar I'd be Jimmy Page The girlie's I like are underage (Check it! A lot of beer - a lot of girls - and a lot of cursing .22 automatic on my person Got my hand in my pocket and my finger's on the trigger My posse's gettin' big - and my posse's gettin' bigger Some voices got treble - some voices got bass We got the kind of voices that are in your face Like the bun to the burger - like the burger to the bun Like the cherry to the apple - to the peach to the plum I'm the king of the Ave. pulled me over said, "Hide your gold, The girl is crafty like ice is cold! Well I'm cruising, I'm bruising - I'm never ever losing I'm in my car - I'm going far and dust is what I'm using Around the way is where I'm from And I'm from Manhattan and I'm not a bum Because you're pud-slapping, ball-flapping - got that juice My name's Mike D.

Not like a fever - not like a cold The beats are clear - the rhymes are bold So don't see a doctor or see a nurse Just listen to the music - first things first First of all - get off the wall It's time to party so have a ball Because we slowed it on down - so get the hell up Like a volcano I'll erupt We got determination - bass and highs White Castle fries only come in one size The Gong Show was a variety television program from the 1970's which featured very poor performances by everyday people being judged by third rate celebrities (I think Jamie Farr had a permanent seat). in the place to be PCP, or "angel dust" (Phencyclidine), was conceived as a clinical anesthetic but the project was shelved due to the adverse side-effects, primarily, psychosis. takes a stand - man you're in command Homeboy, turn it out and don't give a damn My name is M.

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He defended his private schooling, saying: 'I got there on a combination of scholarship and bursary.And because it offers bursaries and scholarships, you had people from all over.'You know what, it’s like, when I find that person that is right for me, he’ll be wonderful When I look at that person, I’m not even going to remember the boy who broke up with me over the phone in 27 seconds when I was 18.'[The split] was, like, a record, I think, for how quick.